About Us

We understand that by purchasing our training and coaching services you are investing in the expertise of our trainers. So here is everything you need to know...

Nicki Wood - Founder

Hi, my name is Nicki, I founded illuminic in 2023 with the view to extending my unique brand of training across the world. 

With over 10 years of experience in the Learning and Development industry, I have gained extensive knowledge and expertise in designing and delivering training programmes. I have worked within various organisations enhancing employee skills and fostering cultures of continuous improvement.

My own recent ADHD diagnosis has fuelled my passion for creating inclusive and supportive environments for individuals with diverse cognitive abilities. This ultimately set me on my path to starting my own company and thus illuminic was born. I firmly believe that neuro-diversity brings valuable perspectives and innovative thinking to the workplace, and I am dedicated to helping companies illuminate the potential of every employee.


To get the most out of training, you have to create a learning environment that is engaging and adaptable to individual learning styles. I strive to take everyone on a fun and positive learning journey, which is active and filled with 'lightbulb' moments. 

In Insights Discovery terms I am 92% Yellow on my last assessment. I exude charm and have a natural ability to communicate, cutting through any hierarchy. I am told weekly by clients and friends alike that I am 'infectious' and reassured that is a positive usually straight away after.

My training sessions empower people to speak up and think for themselves in order to unlock their own creative thinking, and ultimately spark growth in their own development.

I believe in following up after the training to make sure that learning is imbedded and becomes cultural. Leaving subtle reminders and real life exercises that create talking points for years to come.




Illuminate the potential of your people and spark growth in your company